Rich Valley Public Library is grateful to the community for the various donations that we receive. In general, we accept donated materials that are newer than 2005 and are in good shape, but what is not accepted into our collection is sold in our book sale or distributed throughout our community. The proceeds go towards funding the purchase of new materials, sponsoring programs, and more.

Wish List

If you have any of these items no longer being used and wish to donate them to the Library we would put them to great use.

  • Board games for children and youth.
  • Play Doh accessories
  • Alberta Learners Licence flashcards

What we can make use of:

  • Current or popular authors, fiction or nonfiction in excellent condition
  • Children’s titles in excellent condition
  • Movies on DVD and Blu-ray with original packaging and in excellent condition
  • Books on CD with original packaging and in excellent condition
  • Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo format games with original packaging and in excellent condition

What we cannot make use of:

  • Textbooks or encyclopedia sets
  • Back issues of magazines or journals
  • VHS, cassettes, records, computer software, and other obsolete/outdated audiovisual formats
  • Items discarded by other libraries
  • Materials in poor condition: yellowed pages, water damaged, moldy, torn, written in, highlighted, or possessed of other physical damage